Watch : MoonTide featuring Harrison Roach

Most East Coast Australian surfers would agree that 2018 got off to slow start… And let’s be honest, 2017 never really got started. So, by the time a big East Coast Low showed up on the charts, sending a 2.5m, ENE groundswell in our direction in conjunction with a rare super full moon no less, the Vonu team was starving for waves and ready to strike. We weren’t the only ones, and with the Australia Day long weekend in full effect it was inevitable that all of the local point breaks would be a yard sale, jam packed with anyone that owned, borrowed or stole a craft that would float.

In order to avoid the circus, surfer Harrison Roach, photographer Ryan Jones and videographer Andy Gough headed to the beaches north of Noosa heads with a small group of friends and to seek out a wave uninhabited by the training world tour surfer, gath-armored goat boater and long-weekend-warrior. After a close inspection of tide charts, we hastily loaded Harrison’s Ute with boards, beach essentials and BEER, before catching the late afternoon ferry, deflating our tires and making our low tide dash up the beach.  The bitumen fell away to sand and the sight of other souls became seldom. We had already succeeded with half our mission. It wasn’t long before we could sign off of the second half of the mission either – perfect, empty waves, rolling down a sand-bottom point break in the great North of the Southeast. The waves were FAST, but with a 10’ 6 Thomas Bexon glider under his feet, Harrison was soaring. Long walks up the beach were rewarded by long waves down and the hours evaporated into the sunshine.

As the full moon rose it dragged the tide up the beach and sealed off the road back to town. Harrison and the guys had no plans to go back to the big smoke anyway and were afforded the opportunity to stay at the night at the lighthouse atop the peninsular by local legends Brett Eames and Hannah Reid. Something few have been lucky enough to experience, the lighthouse ‘living quarters’ are offered to locals more as Part-time Employment than as accomodation. Brett and Hannah had a daily list of chores to complete during their stay, including weeding amongst the natural dune profile, rubbish collection and lighthouse grounds maintenance. For them to not only let us crash with them, but also prepare a beautiful BBQ feast under the full moon is something we will not soon forget.

As the guys cracked open celebratory Vonu’s, there was no background music from local bars, no neon streetlights and no one else but a group of mates. A mission accomplished.

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