Thomas Surfboards was born at the turn of the century as a small, local passion-project / surfboard factory by two best mates (Thomas Bexon and Jake Bowry) on the Sunshine Coast Qld. It has since become a global powerhouse and, to be honest, the gold standard in longboard design. Indeed Thomas’ signature style has become so synonymous with the discourse of longboarding that his influence now extends far beyond board design to encompass all elements of the surfing ideology. He is looked at by many young ‘alt surfers’ as the quintessential purveyor of style… The peoples king of the pastime… And, fittingly, the king has recently moved out of his quaint shop on the main street of Tewantin and into a proverbial CASTLE in the industrial estate a few streets back. Sky-high Cielings, Brutalist concrete architecture, and large open-plan expansive rooms characterise what is now no longer just a surf shop, but also a barbershop, fashion retailer, art gallery, Shareable office space, surf fitness training facility and, of course, the Thomas Surfboards full-service hand-shaping production-line, which is publicly viewed through a huge glass panel in the centre of the building…. like the engine of a car, on display for it’s passengers enjoyment.

Each year Thomas has thrown a party at his shop to coincide with the Noosa Festival. It’s a night revered and looked forward to by many of our favourite East Coast crew. And, it’s only natural that, with this new larger space has come a new larger celebration! Live bands, full-service bar, an art show, and live tattooing are just a few of the epic expansions to what was already one of the most enjoyable nights of our year…. Needless to say VONU is super stoked to have been partnering with Thomas on these parties since he moved into the new space nearly 2 years ago.

We hope you enjoy our collection of photos and wrap-up clip from this year’s party. Here’s hoping next year’s celebration is even more wild and fun!


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