The 2019 Burleigh Single Fin Festival

The Burleigh Single Fin festival is a god damn whirlwind. What, with an iconic pointbreak – pre-85 single fins – an ample supply of cold beer… need we say more? For sure.

This year, the 22nd annual instalment, revellers on the point celebrated the surfing and surfboards of the single fin era. You could see in the eyes and smiles of the competitors, riding the old boards brought an enormous amount of enjoyment to their weekend.

The conditions allowed for a varied mix of surfing. On the one hand, there were the guys with retrospective flair, and plenty of style – on the other, there were those who refused to change their approach and looked like they were on modern thrusters. Some blokes banged the sections, some trimmed past them, but both were equally amusing. Local Burleigh surfer Tom Woods pulled off an air reverse over the rocks – WA lord Creed McTaggart was supremely smooth in the tube – the girls too, were impressive in the peelers. The junior division showed that appreciation for vintage craft will be alive and well in the future. Only time will tell which groms dedicate themselves to the craft. It was an incredible couple of days for the spectators too. Fathers, sons, mothers and mates roared for their friends as they hot dogged down the point, and the noise reverberated through the apartment buildings on the hill. A major highlight of the event was Tom Carrol’s performance in the old boy’s division – he rode a wave from out the back, all the way through to the inside, where he stretched five for what seemed like a full minute. The ‘manoeuvre’ set the crowd afire, and all felt lucky to have witnessed it.

Joel Parkinson – who needs no introduction here – came out of a short-lived competitive retirement for the event and blitzed his way through the field. A classic carve in the final led him to his second win at the renowned festival, and not a person on the beach denied his superiority. On stage after receiving the first-place trophy of an Ian Byrne single fin, Parko mentioned he’d cherish for the rest of his life. The crowd imagined it where it should be, sitting next to his World Title, but in a little more prominent position. Haha! But in all seriousness, the thing about the Burleigh Single Fin Festival is its prestige – there are few better events to win, even less to attend, and for that, we thank the Burleigh Boardriders!

Words by Harrison Roach

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