Take a deeper look at Vonu’s 5 favourite Australian East coast point breaks

It is common knowledge that Australia is home to many of the worlds best point breaks. Sure there are amazing points all around the globe but we at Vonu believe that Australia’s have a unique aura that surrounds them. Maybe it’s due to the significance they have had in surfing history, or maybe it’s because even today you can get the best wave of your life at one of these special stomping grounds.

1. Snapper rocks, QLD– Golden sand, crystal clear water and one of the worlds most perfect barrels – this place has it all. Obviously, today this is no secret and when snappers on you most definitely won’t be alone.  However, if you’re lucky enough to stroke into a snapper bomb there’s a very good chance it could be one of the best waves you’ve caught for a long time. So take the crowds in your stride, stay positive and let the hope that you might get the wave of your life keep your snapper dream alive.

2.  Angourie, NSW – Surfing Angourie may be the closest thing you’ll find to a time machine. As you walk down to the point past families of sizable kangaroo’s you quickly realise the surroundings have been virtually untouched since its discovery. The same can be said for the raw ocean walls that march down the point demanding you to draw classic lines from top to bottom.

3. Noosa Heads, QLD- Since the first images of Bob McTavish trimming effortlessly through the national park in the late 1960’s, the point breaks at Noosa Heads have become an iconic part of Australian surfing. Although widely regarded as some of the world’s best longboarding waves, on a juicy cyclone swell these points can produce high performance top to bottom waves to match the best of them.

4. Bells beach – Cold, powerful and rugged Bells beach is a wave like no other. For some the long hold-downs and even longer paddles out can leave a sour taste in their mouth but for most the speed and power they experience at Bells always leaves them wanting more.

5.Crescent Head – Crescent Head is one of the few places in Australia where the spirit of the 1960’s surfing counter culture lives on. Volkswagen transporters dominate the car park and the laid back feel of the town is reflected by the friendly locals in the water. You might find a better point in Australia but it’s hard to find a better vibe.

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