VHS tapes grainer than an acai bowl in North Bondi is an appropriate way to describe my teenage pre/post surf routine. It was more cornflakes and mi goreng than avocado on toast in those days and even though we didn’t need any encouragement to go surfing my brother and I would spend most land bound hours watching surf movies. Our household hero was Ozzie Wright and nothing got more rinsed than Seven Days, Seven Slaves and 156 tricks. The crown jewel of course was macaronis and Ozzie’s salty street karate. A little over a decade later and it was my turn to give everyone’s dream left hander my own little one, two step.

Bucket list is a term that gets a lot of airplay these days and it is safe to say all the boys were busy crossing out a few lines this trip. Sharky, our producer on this adventure, might have seen Seven Days, Seven Slaves more than my brother and I combined, being a fellow goofy footer the level of froth was instantly recognised and understood. Nobody in the squad had ever done a big trip together and there might be no better bonding experience than cabin fever, salt and the waves we have all mind surfed a million times. The boys were handpicked from all over Australia and a couple of the fellas popped their boat trip cherries. Of course we did it right by taking them to the ball on the NOMAD, a big old wooden girl with room and experience, two things that would make everyone’s trip nothing but gold.

A quick roll call; out on the face we had Asher Pacey, Torren Martyn, Shaun Manners and Jamie Krups. This squad always brings the fireworks and there to capture the lights and shapes we had Quin Mathews and Mikey Mallalieu with Saxon and Sharky keeping the boys sailing smoothly. The other two characters in this three act bad boy were Hot Man the wizard in the kitchen, he wasn’t winning any beauty contests but he made magic culinary delights (as long as you like spice) and Yamba Jake the skipper. It is not always the case that your skipper throws so much heat and holds his own with the rest of the crew but Yamba Jake had some of the biggest barrels and punts of the trip. He also was no slouch when it got some size, safe to say you know your in good hands when the guy at the helm can dance on water. Skippers can make or break a trip and Mr Jake definitely made this a trip to remember.

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