Meet your #VonuFirstMate winners (Yep, there’s TWO)!

Are you ready to meet your #VonuFirstMate! We were so unbelievably stoked with the 200 plus entries that after much Deliberation (and, Honest version: some disagreement) in the Vonu HQ, we have decided to crown TWO WINNERS!

A stand out surfer, passionate spear fisherman and skilled hunter Jarrah Tutton is a man of the world. Hailing from Coolangatta, Jarrah’s surfing gained recognition early as one of the top juniors from the area. Sponsors came and went for Jarrah but his love for surfing and the ocean never wavered. Jarrah lives and breathes in the ocean and has done whatever it takes to spend the majority of his time immersed in it. Never one to stay in the same spot for long, Jarrah is one of those guys who will appear from nowhere to catch the wave of the swell at Deserts, Nias or Cloud Break. The guy that has everyone in the line-up is asking “Who the hell is that?”

 Jarrah is the real deal and an all-around legend. A bloke who lives and breathes salt air and we are extremely proud to name him as the #VonuFirstMate for 2018.

Lewie Buddons is one of a kind. Ask anyone that knows Lewie and they will probably tell you he’s crazy – and we reckon he is in all the right ways. Like a packet of AAA batteries Lewie is bursting at the seams with energy. If he’s not plugged into a hefty Indonesian tube or going for broke on his local Newcastle beachy the chances are he’s up to mischief making comical Instagram video’s (check out @dunnisdailymotivators) or making his own electric/techno beats. Don’t let his playful side full you Lewie is always willing to throw himself into very heavy conditions – his stand out performance on a 5 2 twin fin at big Nias last year being a prime example.

All in all, Lewie is a guy who will push even the best to give it everything in the water and have everyone in stitches out of it. For these reasons we are PSYCHING to have him as a #VonuFirstMate for 2018.

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