Jay Button in the Wild West

Raw energy, a land untamed, to be respected, to be seduced by and where the threat of squaring off with a full-grown Red Kangaroo is actually possible. It’s my first expedition to the Wild West and it blows my mind that I have been to the far reaches of the earth but only now just discovered this true jewel in my own backyard.

The landscapes of Western Australia give you a sense of nomadic adventure. Around every corner and over every headland is a new set-up waiting to be explored. Whipping up and down the coast, down little dirt tracks, the little grom inside me was alive to see what amazing beach we would end up at.


The Margret River Classic board rider’s event is as old as the hills; it’s called ‘classic’ for a reason mainly because of the legends that get involved. It is basically one big gathering of chargers such as Jake the Snake, Ry Craike and some guy they call the Cake. Fresh youth took on the seasoned veterans for a slice of glory and it was all fireworks. Everyone was super welcoming and there was a true sense of community. On Saturday we got down to the event early and caught up with ‘Tomo’ a local legend and chief of affairs to get the rundown. We spent the day watching unreal surfing and ensuring everyone at the event got a chance to enjoy a cold Vonu. By Sunday the finals were on and we were served with a picture perfect day of 4-5ft lines stacking up to the horizon as the swell built. During the competition downtime we were regular visitors at the bakery and even had a chance to enjoy some Vonu’s while enjoying the sunset.

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