VONU BEER was proud to be able to support the Australian launch of IndoSole at China Heights, Sydney. Indosole is on a mission to become the worlds most responsible shoe company, delivering high-quality enviro footwear for lifestyle, travel and adventure. The ESSNTLS range is made from recycled tyres that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.


About Indosole

 Established in 2009, Indosole was born on the streets of Bali from a small family vendor producing crude tyre soled thongs. From this, the idea for Indosole was developed.

 Founder Kyle Parson’s has always envisioned Indosoles’ expansion to include Australia and New Zealand, until now the dream had stayed just that.

Firmly focused on making a difference from start to finish, Indosoles’ passion for excellence was established when they secured B-Corp certification from the nonprofit B Lab in 2014. This certification was proof that Indosole could meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee

The foundation on which Indosole is built on repurposed rubber tyres, which are consciously sourced from landfills, mechanic garages, and gutters from all around Bali and other islands of Indonesia. They have stuck with the same suppliers and artisans since their inception.

Other materials have included organic cotton canvas, inner tube from bike tyres, and even chip wrappers that are cleaned and sanitized to be used as hang tags

The Australian launch will focus on open footwear, offering the ESSTNLS range of slides and thongs in Indosole signature colour ways Granite, Sea Salt, Leaf, Shore, Soil and Black. Consumers look to Indosole for affordable sustainability, simplicity in design and minimal branding.

Beyond footwear the Indosole passion for recycling extends to tote bags from repurposed rice sacks and t-shirts from organic cotton.

2018 sees’ founder Kyle Parsons teaming up with Indosole Australia Director Nick Riley and the creative minds of Chris Pappas and Marcie O’Neill, both of whom come from an extensive fashion, art, surf and design background

Talent isn’t in short supply, put together visionary co-founder who featured in TEDxTalk with an ex Australian pro-surfer, a high fashion senior with 17 years experience and an ultra creative mind that has performed with the likes of the Australian Symphony Orchestra and you’ve got a team that is set to propel Indosole into the future and beyond.

The focus for Indosole has now shifted into producing a product with streamlined styles and forward thinking designs with the focus on sustainable timeless footwear that remain a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Working with names such as Donna Karen, Hugo Boss, Diesel, The Kooples, NUEW Denim, Ksubi, Hurley and Insight is all too familiar to this group.

“Being in the business of reclaimed goods and sustainability there is a stigma that such products are often unattractive and expensive. Indosole are on a mission to stomp this misconception. We aim to be some of the most fashionable, functional, and eco-nomic footwear on the market” – Kyle Parsons, Founder

Along with ensuring Indosole is visually appealing to the consumer, the need to do good is still at the heart of the company. The accessibility of the footwear makes it easy for everyone to make a difference to their own environmental footprint. Converting one tyre at a time – We Tread Lightly delivers affordable sustainability

Each year 1.5 billion tyres are being discarded worldwide. These tyres never decompose and are a breeding ground for deadly disease: dengue, malaria, zika. 60% of Indonesia’s waste tyres are being collected by factories and burned releasing toxic gasses in the air and oil into the ground.

To date Indosole have prevented over 60,000 waste tyres from being burned and given them new life as soles for their footwear. By 2023 Indosole will have saved over 1 million tyres.

By constantly innovating Indosole plan to continue to evolve the company by creating more efficient processes which continue to build on the brand ethos.

Indosole has recently implemented their Rubber to Revenue program which sees the team creating a crumming machine that can mulch tyres, excess material and even old soles, into a fine powder that can then be formed into more soles and even other products. Kitchen mats, doorstops, full boots, the possibilities are endless.

This machine re-uses 60% of the tyre compared to 30% previously saved through the handmade process.

After a journey of nearly 10 years Indosole have developed a product that is fashion forward, affordable sustainability that coincides with the worlds’ global shift into environmental awareness.





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