The red disc death star levitates on the horizon slowly melting away the same way a candle burns out. The second act of the European road adventure has begun and I find myself in a house built by the former president of France watching the curtain call on another day. Inviting the taste buds to vin rouge matched with hors d’oeuvres of Mediterranean origin I am in the company of Catie Allen and Billie Edwards (two megababes). Summer in France is as just like you imagine, only better..

Our story begins in Paris as most great love stories do – but as you know a rolling stone gathers no moss. After the customary stay in the city of love we hit the road on route to meet Billie in Marseilles. After some delicious coffee and croissants we got the wheels moving and made our way along the Mediterranean coast weaving our way between postcard mountains and picturesque sea views.  We found ourselves stopping every so often in small villages to get a taste of local culture. The food was magnificent to say the least not to mention the thrift stores and vintage markets. The best of all was the vibe; people in the south have found a way of living that seems to embody C’est la vie. Time in the south is abundant and the sun has photosynthesised the people with a carefree attitude..

Nice was as far as we got before parting ways with the sea and saying bonjour to mountains and lakes. We heard whispers of a lake with water so blue it was usually reserved for only the holiest and since that was exactly how we were feeling we decided to roll the dice and find it. Abandoning Google maps for intuition we climbed the pencil thin road into the clouds before making the descent into the yonder of the canyon. It was at least an hour snaking our way back to earth; sweaty and wide-eyed our mouths sprung open in awe as finally laid our eyes on the hyperturquoise liquid. There was no option but to de-robe, climb the nearest cliff and torpedo into the blue. We soaked up the delicious energy of the place and set off back to Paris.

Finding more familiar faces back in Paris we were invited to indulge ourselves once again amongst friends. This time watching the sunset with delectable champagne in hand, however this time the backdrop had changed from the Mediterranean grandeur to transcendent views of the Eiffel tower. Next time you see me I may be wearing a beret and have a baguette in hand as I am already drumming up ways to get myself back to this amazing part of the world as soon as possible. France, Je t’aime.

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