Winter can be tough for some. Shorter days and cooler climates can send many of us into hibernation where we binge on heavy winter foods and the latest much watch series. It’s an easy trap to fall into and with it comes lethargy towards doing anything productive – or anything at all for that matter. But not Vonu adventurer Woody Gooch. Winter is a new muse for Woody – an exciting plethora of new lights and tones for him to play with. This year Woody travelled to Wanaka, a small town in the South Island of New Zealand, to do just that. The end result was an exhibition titled ‘Common Ground.’


“Some places hold a power that can shift and shape us. A power that holds deep influence. Wanaka has a mysterious, mountainous beauty that has developed deep contours in my mind. The contrast of eclectic changing moods, blanketed by dancing light has taught me a lot about finding moments in beauty. I am sure we all have experiences like this that will make you stop in that moment and it shakes the groundbeneath us. Just like home, these places will stay with you forever.”


As huge fans of Woody’s work, Vonu, was super excited to be able to support the launch of ‘Common Ground.’ Vonu dream team, Jay Button and Catie Allen, are good friends of Woody and were there to help out when needed and between cheersing Vonu’s captured some images of the opening night.

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