Catching up with Vonu Musician Matt Armitage

There is no doubt that Matthew Armitage is an accomplished musician.  Since relocating from New Zealand to Byron Bay in 2013, Armitage has been making his mark as a solo bluesman amongst Byron’s thriving music scene. A multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, Armitage has the ability to captivate his audience at an intimate level or set a huge venue alight for a party like no other.  His talents have seen him play in hundreds of shows in Australia and travel across the world playing gigs in music hubs such as New York and Berlin. Earlier this year Vonu asked Armitage if he would be willing to put forward an original song for Andy Gough’s short film ‘Moontide.’ Armitage accepted our request and the end result was spectacular. On the cusp of releasing his first solo album titled ‘New Tide’ Vonu caught up with Armitage to have a quick chat about his music.

Hey Matt, how are you?

I’m feeling amazing today thanks!


It looks like 2018 has been off to a busy start for you, can you give us a bit of a recap of what you have been up to?

At the start of this year I began with a huge creative bang learning to edit my own first music video for my single Love From Afar (from new tide). Big learning curve and very exciting making the imagery to support the music. Very lucky with the butterflies in the shoots. They are real by the way. Then releasing that, gearing up for this release. Also getting married just this last weekend was huge! Tropical garden party with amazing cocktails music and fire dancing!  

All sounds epic! We were really stoked with how your song came together with the ‘Moontide’ film. What did you think of the end result?

It was amazing. You guys actually picked my demo version for your film! So funny – the Soundcloud link was the one you guys used – and flattering that people still dig the demos even! 

It seems you’re music has been particularly popular within the surf industry and has been used for a bunch of popular surf clips. Why do you think this is?

It’s the gold coast and Byron surf culture, so many frothing creatives also get inspiration from the ocean here. Me too, even though I couldn’t surf back in my Wellington days I started when I moved here on my girlfriends Malibu at Green Mount. 

When you’re approached to do a song for a surf clip do you get to see the clip first or are you given a brief?

Most of the time I give people options of existing tracks. But in 2016 I composed a track for Quicksilver pro called silver pharaoh with my band Chesta Hedron (good times Western Australia) that worked really well. We knew they wanted heavy, psychedelic, driving and shifting of musical gears and an exciting arrangement so that’s what we did. 

How did this go down for the ‘Moontide’ piece?

Surprising I forgot to take my demo down from Soundcloud! Haha… still sounds epic, more rustic like the guys in the film recorded the song at night on one of those surfing days. Maybe round a campfire. 

You’ve been in Australia for nearly 5 years now – what brought you over the ditch?

Love. An Aussie beauty found me at a jazz club in Wellington in a Sunday night. 

You’re about to release a new album title ‘New Tide’– congrats! How’s that experience been?

Pretty amazing. Some songs have been around in my sets for ages and some never played live. A little frustrating trying to figure out my branding and my team of helpers but I think the wait will be worth it.
What has the rest of 2018 got install for you?

Playing support for the Pete Murray acoustic tour starts at the end of June. That’s 2months of national tour so I’m pumped about that and my release of course. June 8

Epic mate best of luck the album drop – surely there’s a bit of party on the cards?

Yeah! Byron bays party is at the rails on June 15… then Gold Coast at maverick art space in Coolangatta on the 16th! I can’t wait for those shows. 

Sick we’ll see ya there!

More details on Matt’s June shows and to buy the New Tide album sales go to

and to listen to more of Matt’s music check out

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