Behind the scenes aboard the Vonu ‘Gipsea’

For 10 days in July surfers Harrison Roach, Chippa Wilson, Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham, Ari Brown and Jay Button set sail across the Fijian archipelago in a timeless 50ft Mono-hull baptized ‘The Vonu Gipsea.’

Although many surfers have chased raw south pacific swells over the years few have navigated and steered their own vessel in search of something new.


This adventure was not all plain sailing as the ‘Gipsea’ toiled through treacherous sea’s which made the reward of an oil clean ocean or a spitting Fijian barrel that much sweeter.


Over the 10 days the boys chased not only pumping surf, but a more traditional, less publicised Fijian CULTURAL experience. between swells the lads spent a couple days at Tavua Island, enjoying village life with the locals… Then, after hearing reports of another pulse en route to CB, they said farewell to the villagers and A-lined it straight for the edge of the atoll once again.

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