Back where we belong – VONU’s feature escapade into the Fijian Archipelago 2018

The spirit of VONU is found in adventure. That nomadic sense of exploration that yearns to push through high seas, rugged land and unfamiliar villages is what draws us together. Our journey is as rewarding as our destination but the fact that neither comes easy is what makes the rewards so much sweeter. In August 2018 VONU set sail on a feature escapade into the Fijian archipelago and the nearby islands of New Caledonia.

With great eagerness and excitement the crew boarded the Vonu Express at Noumea and cast north towards the Fijian Archipelago. The utilitarian vessel, a fifty foot Tiki Waram catamaran, was built for 10 passengers and once loaded with Asher Pacey, Jay Button, Tevita Gukilau, Ryan Callinan, Otis Carey, Jarrah Tutton along with 25 surfboards, food and a few cartons of VONU, it was packed to the rafters.

Over 10 days the VONU Express would circumnavigate the mainland of Nadi, exploring via two key island chains in the archipelago – The Lau Islands of Matuku and Kadavu, and the Molollo group consisting of Tavarua and Namotu.

Open ocean sailing is not for the faint-hearted nor stomachs and no sooner had the mainsail had been lifted than Otis Carey and photographer Ben Osborne were getting a second look at their breakfasts. After a full day of high seas all the boys were getting familiar with steering the vessel and Otis and Ben’s seasickness was beginning to subside.

The world famous Cloud Break provided the boys with an abundance of fun waves. Asher Pacey put his twin fins to work on clean canvas, Ryan was always eager to launch off any end section he could and Jay, Veets and Jarrah all got their quota of Cloud Breaks caverns. One of the notable strengths that contributed to Jarrah’s #VonuFirstMate win was his extensive experience as a spear and line fishermen. Thus whenever the boys weren’t diving into a surf session, Jarrah was educating them with a pair of fins and a spear.

After nearly a month at sea the boys were weary, salty and bearded. They hadn’t scored the swell of the season and nor had they surfed all day everyday. They had done much more than surf and that was the beauty of this adventure. The land and seas covered, the reefs explored, the locals they had learned and laughed with had all contributed to making this voyage a true VONU adventure.

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