5 places to enjoy Vonu Beer

Enjoying a Vonu beer is not exactly a hard task. Naturally brewed in the Fijian Islands, Vonu transforms pure water into the most refreshing, clean crisp, ultra low carb lager your taste buds will have the pleasure of enjoying this summer. However, we at Vonu believe there are a few places a cold Vonu will be hard to beat.

  1. On Holiday- There is nothing quite like that feeling of kicking off a holiday. The feeling of completely letting go of all of life’s day-to-day responsibilities and being completely free is invigorating to say the least. It is this nomadic joy that makes a cold Vonu taste just that little bit sweeter.


  1. After a day chasing waves- Up before the sun loading the car, you fuel on coffees and pastries, check 5 spots only to end up at the first one and then proceed to surf to the point where you’re delirious. You think your day can’t get any better until one of the boys places a cold Vonu in your hands. Let the tall tales of tubes begin and soak up a great day to be alive.


  1. A BBQ – Needs no explanation.


  1. BYC- There’s no question that an ice cold Vonu is the perfect beverage for any serious or not so serious game of back yard cricket this summer. Keeping the overs short and the banter flying is sure to work up a thirst and there will be no better quencher than Vonu.


  1. On a date- If all else fails at least you’ve got a great tasting beer to enjoy.

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